Home News BREAKING NEWS: Bournemouth ‘shooting’ as police attend scene

BREAKING NEWS: Bournemouth ‘shooting’ as police attend scene

Emergency services, including armed police are currently attending the scene in Bournemouth, as many have claimed they have witnessed a gun shooting at a Broadway pub. It seems as though that shots were fired from a car into the pub, it is not known how many casualties there are.

One social media user said: “I’ve just witnessed a gun shooting at Broadway pub and I honestly feel like I’ve just been in GTA.” Another said: “Armed incident outside Broadway pub Castle Lane. Undercover armed police everywhere.”

An eye witness told Express: “I was in the Co-Op in Castle Lane, west Bournemouth, opposite the Broadway Pub and I heard a bang thinking it was like a firework or something. Brought what I needed, walked out and there was already an ambulance there within two minutes and three police cars. Literally 5 minutes after that, the response team and police officers wearing masks to cover their identity.”

Another witness has said: “Turns out someone in a car had shot someone by the pub. Road was closed immediately and I couldn’t even leave co-op for about 20 minutes as police cars were blocking the exit.”


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